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Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
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Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
Pet Bandana Template
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Pet Bandana Template

$14.90 - $74.90
The templates can be used with a rotary cutter to make Bandanas for your lovely pet.

Neck size is determined by where kam snaps are placed.

I place my snaps quite close to the ends...about a 1/2" or so. If you would like to place them further from the end I would lesson the above measurements by another 1/2" to 1 1/2". I usually add an extra kam snap to the bandana so the owner can adjust if the sizing is too loose/tight.

Using 3D printed pattern templates make the chore of cutting multiple layers of fabric quick and hassle-free.
These templates are "cut on fold"

Keeping in mind that fabric placement is important we design our templates in a "cookie cutter" style. Our templates have added bracing for grip, stability and durability. These templates are 3 mm thick, lightweight and absorb shock when dropped! Unlike acrylic templates which chip or crack when dropped, 3D printed templates are made using multiple layers which naturally absorb impact. Larger templates may have some flexibility due to the nature of their size.

Orders are sold as random/multi-colored.

Neck sizes:
  • XS- up to a 11" neck
  • S- up to a 13" neck
  • M- up to a 15" neck
  • L - up to a 17" neck
  • XL- up to a 20" neck

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be minor defects and imperfections (stringing, rough edges, bumps, discoloration, loss of infill-which may be intentional for the product design, etc.) that make each piece unique and different. All products are printed on a glass sheet meaning one side of the product will be smooth (and likely have a shiny appearance in some or all areas) while the other will present infill lines due to the basic nature of 3D printing.

Every item is checked for not only aesthetics, but also its intended use. You may find areas where we’ve taken the time to sand, file and clip away any aesthetic imperfections. If any imperfections are found which do affect the products intended use we will not ship the order until our standards have been met. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Due to the thermal properties of PLA plastic it is best to keep all products away from extreme heat. High temperatures can cause plastic to soften and warp. Hand wash only with mild soap.